Find the Right Tools to Help Treat Neuropathy

There are four critical mistakes people make when choosing an alternative treatment for neuropathy. Avoiding the following errors will give you the tools necessary to choose the best treatment for your neuropathy.

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Mistake No. 1: Patients don’t select a treatment protocol that will increase the blood flow to micro blood vessels (capillaries) in the feet and legs.

One of the causes of neuropathy and the reason it gets worse is because the tiny blood vessels (capillaries) in the feet and legs get damaged. These blood vessels wrap around the nerves and are the nerve’s life source. The blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to the nerve. If you cut the blood flow off to any part of the body, that part begins to die.

If you want any chance of getting a good result from reducing or ending the pain in your legs or feet, don’t make the mistake of going to a practitioner who uses a hand-held laser to treat neuropathy. Hand-held lasers are designed for deep treatment of joints and muscles.

But with peripheral neuropathy, the problem is over a large area of the feet, hands or legs.

One of the core treatments at Restore Medical Group is ProNeuroLight therapy. This is a LED therapy and is FDA-cleared to increase circulation.

Mistake No. 2: Your treatment doesn’t stimulate damaged nerves. When the sensory nerves in your feet or legs are damaged, they atrophy (shrink).

This technology starts to exercise your nerves (neuro-muscular reeducation), which is critical when you’re trying to rehabilitate damaged nerves. You have to get your nerves working again electrically.

Mistake No. 3: Your doctor isn’t trained in neuropathy nutritional protocols.

Your doctor has to have the specialized knowledge to be able to identify the foods you may be eating that can contribute to your neuropathy and make it worse.

Some foods promote inflammation of the nerves and decrease peripheral circulation at the same time. Some foods can cause an autoimmune reaction in neuropathy sufferers.

There are specialized nutritional supplements that help reduce inflammation and increase peripheral circulation. These supplements are only available through doctors. These are critical to getting optimal results with a comprehensive neuropathy treatment program.

Mistake No. 4: Your doctor is not dedicated to treating neuropathy.

You don’t want to hire a doctor who just dabbles in neuropathy part time. You need a doctor who is dedicated and passionate about helping people with neuropathy.

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